Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011 ~

Lunasol Fall 2011 Collection - Research!

Is anyone excited about Lunasol's upcoming release? I was pretty pumped when I saw the ads for it! Each palette provides 3 different shimmer levels for the liner and highlight shade, which is awesome. I usually a prefer matte or semi-matte highlight to balance to shimmer present in most Japanese eyeshadow palettes. Obviously each section will be difficult to pick up if you're using brushes, but I'm a sponge-tip girl so this presents no problem.

Several asian bloggers have posted swatches of the collection. Originally I wanted all 5 palettes, but after looking at the swatches, I've preliminarily narrowed it down to 2 for now - 03 Mysterious Beige (purple) and 05 Deep Beige (gray). I will focus on the 05 palette in this post, as that is the one I'm most excited for. Here are the posts that helped me out:

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First, I looked at Tingjp's swatches below. As you can see, everything appears to have very subtle shine. 01 looks a bit warm, and even though 04 is called "Cool Beige," the swatch of it (not shown very well here) is still quite warm and yellow-based. 05 looks the coolest by far, and 03 also appears more neutral. I love how 05 looks here!

Next, looking at Sharon0418's post, you can see more swatches and an FOTD using the 05 palette. Although the palette itself looks quite cool, the swatch and FOTD makes it seem warmer, and greener?!?!? I was a little puzzled. Sharon herself noticed the green. At first, I thought maybe the gray, once applied to the yellow-ness in asian skin will make the shadow appear like an olive-gray. But then I realized that doesn't make much sense. Lunasol just isn't the type of brand to do things accidentally.

Finally, looking at Yuki's post, I was able to discern a more plausible explanation: there seems to be green shimmers in the 05 palette! Yuki's swatches and product photos are fantastic as you can clearly see the sparkle details.  Except for the darkest liner shade and two white shades, the 05 palette has green shimmer particles throughout. This can better account for Sharon's olive-y FOTD above.

OK, that's the end of my analysis! Regardless of how detailed blog photos are, it's nothing compared to holding and using the product yourself.  So, here my personal conclusions from researching the palettes in this collection:
1) The liner and highlight shades do indeed have shimmer variation, and thus make these palettes more versatile for me.
2) The shimmer level as compared to previous Lunasol releases is difficult to discern, but seems to be on the more subtle side.
3) The green shimmer in the 05 palette worries me, since green isn't that flattering on me IMO.  I don't mind that 01 and 04 are a tiny bit warm, I just have too many warm-neutrals. The 02 pink doesn't excite me much, but I may change my mind. So far, 03 is still on my list. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I already have reading due, even though school has not started yet. How silly is that?

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  1. Hello Naka said... August 14, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    they look so sparkly ^^ and i love the way u displayed the swatches pretty neat :)

  2. Winnie* said... August 16, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Isn't it good to have it warmer? It's such a gorgeous palette and I am so happy that Lunasol is coming out with these multi colored palettes, in balance of high pricetags :P. I'd spend so much on their palettes if I live somewhere I could get my hands on them easily. Too pretty! Definitely let us know when you get yours!

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