Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 ~

My New Things: Paul & Joe Holiday 2008!

Today, I'll be showing you the Paul & Joe Face Color and Lipstick Set from Holiday 2008!! I didn't really like the PJ holiday things from this year - the purple is just a bit tooooo purple. (I would've preferred lavender, hehe.)

I'm sure you're all familiar with this set, but I took a lot of photos anyway! ;P I got it in 002, the orange one. It comes a Face Color in M 002, lipstick in G 002, and a fantastically cute kitty-print cosmetics pouch.

The packaging is very nice, but it feels lighter than expected so I'm assuming the plastic material is not reinforced. Still, I love the white color.

There is shimmer in the blush, but it's not too noticeable when you put it on unless you look closely. I quite like the look of this on my cheeks.


The lipstick is more like a balm. It imparts just the slightest hint of color, and leaves a lot of shine.


Of course, the star of the group - the kitty bag!!! It's satin-y, and feels well-made.


The hot pink lining is really makes this bag special!


It's not very big, but more than enough room for me! I only fill about 40% of the space. Can you tell what's in my bag? ;D


These two face color powders (eyeshadow duos) are inspired by Rouge Deluxe's posts regarding makeup organization: here, and here.


The prints are so adorable~ They look cute in my makeup drawer, hehe.


I haven't tried these yet - I don't want to smear the flower print!


The weather is getting colder, but at least I'm finally done with my finals!!!! *SIGH* I hope I did well on them, but I'm not holding my breath haha!

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  1. amynaree said... December 15, 2009 at 9:29 PM

    all the paul and joe stuff are so cute!

  2. Shop N' Chomp said... December 15, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    Love your P&J goodies! Everything's so pretty!

  3. Blair said... December 15, 2009 at 11:13 PM

    I loike the kitty purse!!!

    I'm so uninspired recently!! But I'll try to do a look with Lavshuca BU-1 =D I heard that it isn't as good as the previous Lavshuca releases though... maybe you can buy some other blue palettes from other brands?

  4. Tammy said... December 16, 2009 at 12:35 AM

    I'm not too familiar with P&J so I like pics of their stuff. The kitty bag is gorgeous! I like how it has a vintagey snap closure on it too haha

    Usually when I have eyeshadow with pretty prints on it I only use the colour AROUND the print (attempting to preserve it for longer lol)

  5. Blogger said... December 16, 2009 at 7:38 AM

    ya, totally agree with you, The holiday collection for this year is just... not as good as their previous collections

    The kitty bag is so cute, GREAT stuff

  6. birkinbagbeauty said... December 17, 2009 at 6:27 AM

    ohhh, that looks so cute. Would you make swatches as well?

  7. Whitney said... December 17, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    how cute!! yes, swatches please/??

  8. Citrine said... December 18, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    I can see a Shiseido sunscreen in the pouch and that's it. I like the kitty bag a lot better than the actual cosmetics in the set, I wish they just come up with a pouch with this design...

  9. Anonymous said... December 18, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    i was quiet surprised when you said that blush is rather invisible as it looks quite pigmented. I like that idea though as i don't like doll like blush. nice haul!

  10. kanishk said... December 21, 2009 at 4:37 AM

    totally agree with you, The holiday collection for this year is just... not as good as their previous collections

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  11. Anonymous said... January 2, 2010 at 8:34 PM


  12. ilyana said... January 5, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Eek P&J! I love their packaging so so much, the pouch that you got is sooo adorable - I love the cute lil kitties ;D

  13. Kirstel said... May 23, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    These list of Paul and Joe products are awesome. I want to buy these. :)

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