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Chanel Mica Rose + Current Nail Care

Hooray, my first nail polish post!  It's really difficult taking photos of polish (major props to all nail bloggers out there).  I failed in capturing the multicolored shimmers in Mica Rose, but other (more legitimate) bloggers have already done so.  Mica Rose is from Chanel's permanent line, and was first introduced in their Holiday 2009 collection, Celestial Lights.

I prefer applying only 1 coat for this polish, because 2 coats gives a candy-pink color, which is too cool-toned for my liking. The rose undertones definitely translate better in 1 coat on my nails.

In direct natural light. No flash.

 In natural light, but not directly facing it.

Next 3 were taken under indoor flash.

At $25 for 0.4oz, this polish is very pricey. A pretty good dupe would be Catrice Just Married, but I'm glad I got this because it's difficult to dupe color depth, formulation AND finish altogether.


On to nail care! It's very simple really - I use these two products that came in a set. These were given to me by a friend (thanks Steph!), so I'm not sure what store she purchased them from.  However, you can buy SEACRET products online. Here's the link to the nail care set

The cuticle oil is definitely a must-try. I place 1 drop of the cuticle oil on each of my nails, wait a little bit, then apply the lotion over my hands.  Really simple, and keeps my cuticles hydrated for around 9 hours.  You could just use Vaseline, but that leaves your fingers a bit sticky.

For on-the-go care, I use Sephora by OPI Brush-on Cuticle Oil.  But I recently lost it. :(  Granted, it's not as penetrating as the oil by SEACRET, but this one was mainly for touch-ups.

I haven't decided if I should repurchase (it's $9 for 0.25oz), or just return to using Burt's Bees for touch-ups.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my cuticles - they definitely look better than they did a couple months ago.

Let me know if you guys want a more in-depth review on the SEACRET cuticle oil.  :)

Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer: All of the products in this post were purchased by me, and the opinions expressed are my own. I am not affiliated with any of the companies aforementioned.

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  1. LittoMokaa said... April 27, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    omg Seacret! There's a stand carrying the products just in front of the store where I work LOL!! They always hand samples but never tried because they are kind of pushy and annoying -_-' I want a review of their cuticle oil!! :D

  2. Anonymous said... April 30, 2011 at 6:37 AM

    oh i should care for my nails! I remember get a nice manicure in Hawaii.. it wasn't anything special but it was just so nice my hand were getting pampered! my hands gets neglect THE most! That's a real cute pink shade! it reminds me to paint my nails too :D

  3. DinaXYYan said... May 1, 2011 at 7:07 AM

    I agree that taking photos of nails is really difficult! I still have to take tons of photos before getting a nice one. Anyhow, the polish shade is really beautiful! such a pretty pink color :)

    ryc: I haven't tried Kracie mask yet but I do have one in my stash! will try it out soon :D
    Thanks for entering! Good luck :)

  4. Shop N' Chomp said... May 4, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    I love that pretty pink! *^_^* I've heard of Seacret but haven't tried it. I would love a review of it when you have the time.

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